2017 Winners

Community Action – Governmental Solar Garden Subscriber Collaborative

Critical Collaborator – Ron Nargang

Emerging Leader – Eliza Clark

Energy and Climate – City of Hutchinson Landfill Solar PV

Natural Resources – Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant

Sustainable Business – Promoting Deconstruction and Reuse

2016 Winners

Community Action – Sun Ray Nature-Smart Library/Children and Nature Network

Energy and Climate – The Rose

Environmental Education – Race to Reduce

Food Stewardship – Feast! Local Foods Network

Natural Resources – Coffee Creek Daylighting and Restoration

Partnership of the Year: Sustainable Business – Recycling Agricultural/Marine Plastics

Sustainable Business: MAC’s Sustainable STAR Solar and PV LED Lighting

2015 Winners

Community Action – Morris Engaged: Planning & Action for Climate Resilience

Energy and Climate – Project Standing Sun

Environmental Education – Master Water Stewards

Food Stewardship – Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program

Natural Resources – Manston Slough Restoration

Sustainable Business – Tiny Diner

2014 Winners

Community Action – Project Sweetie Pie

Energy and Climate – Twin Cities Habitat Northside Net Zero Energy Home

Environmental Education – State of the River Report

Food Stewardship – Fruits of the City

Natural Resources – Clearwater River Watershed Targeted Fertilizer Application

Sustainable Business – The Saint Paul Hotel Organics Recycling Project

2013 Winners

Energy and Climate Protection – Energy Innovation Corridor

Environmental Education – YES! Expansion into West-Central Minnesota

Natural Resources – Southeast Minnesota Wastewater Initiative

Partnership of the Year: Natural Resources – Weber Stream Restoration

Sustainable Communities – Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative

2012 Winners

Business and Environment –Mattress Recycling

Energy and Climate Protection – Edina Emerald Energy Project

Environmental Education – Minnesota’s Changing Climate

Natural Resources – A Grassroots Effort to Bring Back Fulda Lakes

Partnership of the Year: Sustainable Communities – GreenStep Cities

2011 Winners

Energy and Climate – Milan Sustainable Energy

Environmental Education – Powderhorn Raingardens

Green Business and Environmental ManagementTarget Field

Natural Resources –  Go Blue—Diamond Lake

Partnership of the Year: Green Business and Environmental Management – Mustard Seed, Love INC

Sustainable Communities – Beacon Bluff Redevelopment

2010 Winners

Energy and Climate Protection – Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon

Environmental Education – Youth Energy Summit (YES!)

Green Building, Development and Land Use – Minnesota Green Communities Initiative

Green Business and Environmental Management – Cannery Heat Recovery Project

Natural Resources – Arlington-Pascal Stormwater Improvements

Partnership of the Year: Green Business and Environmental Management – Cannery Heat Recovery Project

2009 Winners

Energy Climate – Minneapolis Climate Change Micro Grants Initiative

Environmental Education – Meet Me in the Garden

Green Building and Development – Building Operator Certification

Green Business and Environmental Management – National Wind: Developing Utility Scale

Natural Resources – Burnsville Surface Water Treatment Plant Project

2008 Winners

Energy and Climate – Transportation Choices

Environmental Education – Living Green Expo

Green Building and Development – Fairview Office Park

Green Business and Environmental Management – Fibrominn Biomass Power Plant

Natural Resources – Minnesota Forest Legacy Partnership

Partnership of the Year: Environmental Education – Using Natural Resources Information in Local Planning

2007 Winners

Air Quality and Climate Protection – Waldsee BioHaus

Environmental Education – EcoExperience

Green Building and Development – Lino Lake I-35E Corridor AUAR

Green Business and Environmental Management – Andersen’s Bayport Steam Generation Facility

Natural Resources – Pine Bend Bluffs Natural Area

Partnership of the Year: Environmental Education – Big River Journey

2006 Winners

Education – Watershed Assistance Through Education and Resources

Energy – HOURCAR

Land Use – Third Crop Initiative

Partnership of the Year: Energy – Clean Energy Resource Teams

Private Sector Innovation – Best Buy Consumer Electronics Recycling

Public Sector Innovation – Intercommunity Groundwater Protection

2005 Winners

Energy – St. Paul Cogeneration

Environmental Education – Minnesota: A History of the Land

Partnership of the Year: Land Use – The Phalen Corridor

Private Sector Innovation – Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy–Flint Hills Resources Partnership: Emission Reductions and Reporting

Public Sector Innovation – Burnsville Rainwater Garden Retrofit Project

2004 Winners

Energy – Science House

Environmental Education – Community POWER

Land Use – Dakota County Farmland & Natural Area Protection

Private Sector Environmental Management – Decentralized Wastewater Management

Public Sector Environmental Management – Hennepin County Environmental Response Fund Grant Program

2003 Winners

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – General Mills Mechanical Treatment of Cooling Water Tower

Environmental Education – Eco Education’s Model Schools in Urban Environmental Education

Environmental Management Excellence, Private Sector – Restore Refill Station

Environmental Management Excellence, Public Sector – Pelican River Watershed District

Land Use – Glacial Ridge Conservancy Project

2002 Winners

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – Haubenschild Dairy Anaerobic Digester

Environmental Education – Hennepin County River Watch

Environmental Management – Medtronic Environmental Evaluation in Product Design

Environmental Policy – Red River Flood Damage Reduction Initiative

Land Use – Jackson Meadow

1999 Winners

Energy Efficiency and Renewal Energy – Moorehead Public Service

Environmental Education – Watershed Partners

Environmental Management – Hutchinson Technology Inc.

Innovative Environmental Policy – Western Lake Superior Sanitary District

Land Use and Community Development – Phalen Chain of Lakes/Phalen Village Initiative

1998 Winners

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – Pine Bend Resource Recovery Facility

Environmental Management – Minnesota Great Printers Project

Innovative Environmental Policy – Environmental Audit Program

Land Use and Community Development – Fields of St. Croix

1997 Winners

Business Category – Rahr Malting Company

Community Category – The Green Institute

Ecopreneur Category – Evergreen Energyscapes

Government Category – Blue Earth County Environmental Services

1996 Winners

Business Category – General Litho Services Inc.

Community Category – Heron Lake Watershed Restoration Association

Ecopreneur Category – DYTEK Environmental

Government Category – Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Lake Superior Basin Hazardous Waste Initiative

1995 Winners

Citizen Group Category – Good Neighbor Project

Ecopreneur Category – Cities Management Inc.’s Green Earth Initiative

Government Category – St. Paul Energy Conservation Project

Industry Category – Target Stores: Softlines Team

1994 Winners

Business Category – Minnesota Healthcare Partner

Government Category – Office of Waste Management for Source Reduction NOW

Community Category – Urban Environmental Education Coalition

Ecopreneur Category – U.S. Filter Recovery Services