Spearheaded by North Hennepin Community College, the Dave Larsen American Indian Tour is a semester-long college class and five-day tour for American Indian high school and college students. The goal of this project is to create learning environments that are respectful of cultural practices in order to enhance Indigenous voices and visibility in the environmental movement and educational system. This project partners across six high schools, the University of Minnesota, and several tribal nations and colleges, including the Lower Sioux Community and Fond du Lac Nation and Tribal College.

Honorable Mention


HomeFree is an initiative supporting affordable housing leaders who are improving human and environmental health by using less toxic building materials

About the Environmental Innovation Category

The Environmental Innovation Award recognizes a partnership working on the next environmental breakthrough. This forward-facing award will recognize project with the potential to positively impact their communities by addressing a unique intersection of issues, utilizing a new approach or otherwise creatively tackling environmental challenges.