Poplar River Management Board partners with community groups and local, state and federal partners to address water quality in the Poplar River on Minnesota’s North Shore. The project seeks to reduce erosion on the river’s shores which, in turn, reduces the sediment released into the river.  As a result of this work, the Poplar River has been removed from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s “impaired waters” list.

Honorable Mention

Youth Convening Minnesota

Youth Convening Minnesota is a state-wide project designed to elevate youth voices on climate change and climate action. Youth are given the opportunity to learn from climatologists, connect to community members and develop their own thoughts and local solutions on climate.

About the Rural Vitality Category

The Rural Vitality Award recognizes a partnership working to solve community-scale environmental challenges in rural areas. The recognition may include grassroots efforts in revitalization or beautification; alternative land use strategies; convening partners to facilitate community understanding across racial and ethnic difference; or policy initiatives contributing to economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social justice for an improved quality of rural life.